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D on't be fooled by the masculineness nature of the name, De Boyz II Men is a five star state of the arts destination for men and women seeking the ultimate indulgence in barbering & hair grooming, hairdressing & styling, skin & body pampering, artistic nail services and total facial make over. De Boyz II men is said to be a Salon and Spa in a class above others with no contender in ambience, presentation and professionalism. We pride ourself in our duty of care,unrivalled support and attention to details in all the services we provide and we raise the bar in the category of hair and beauty and surpass the expectations of all who visit (for the first time or the 100th). Our dedicated staff of seasoned beauty artisans expect nothing short of perfection from themselves.We're committed to on going education/training and also deeply dedicated to a culture of inclusion, diversity and community connection. To us, our business is less about clippers and curling irons and more about facilitating a feeling of happiness and wholeness among our clients and our staff.

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